Lanes School of Driving

In July the government arranged a consultation to discuss prospective changes to the driving test. This article will outline the changes that are proposed, and the reasons the government have decided they may be necessary. The current proposals are to: increase the ‘independent driving’ section of the test from ten to twenty minutes ask driving […]

Learning how to use car parks is an important skill for any driver. When you have mastered this skill you will be able to park in supermarkets and multi storey car parks. When learning to park, you should develop a feel for the length and width of your car and should be able to accurately […]

Post Test Training is a popular option with newly qualified drivers from Lanes, this is a separate course run by ourselves and it’s designed to give you greater confidence whilst out on the road. As a new driver you can spread this training over the course of one or two days, you gain invaluable tips […]

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