17Oct 2016
Lanes School of Driving, Bromley

There are many reasons why learner drivers fail their driving test in this country. Often the reason for failing is simply down to the nervousness of the learner. After all, a driving examination can be fairly stressful. Government records show that many people fail due to the same handful of avoidable mistakes and we outline […]

08Aug 2016
Lanes School of Driving

In July the government arranged a consultation to discuss prospective changes to the driving test. This article will outline the changes that are proposed, and the reasons the government have decided they may be necessary. The current proposals are to: increase the ‘independent driving’ section of the test from ten to twenty minutes ask driving […]

14Jul 2016
Lanes School of Driving

No matter how comfortable you are driving in the UK, driving abroad is a completely different kettle of fish. In many countries – for example – they drive on the right, and they have different rules, regulations, road signs and expectations of how you should behave when you’re behind the wheel. Even the most competent […]

21Jun 2016
Lanes School of Driving

Illegal driving instructors – what it means To put it simply, if someone advertises their services as a professional driving instructor, then they must be registered with and approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. This prevents ‘just anyone’ from saying they are an approved driving instructor. Specifically, section 123 of the Road Traffic […]

17May 2016
Lanes School of Driving

For most people, learning to drive is seen as something as a youthful ‘rite of passage’. You learn to drive just as you begin to desire a little bit of independence, without having to rely upon your parents to ferry you everywhere. However, you are simply never too old to learn how to drive. Lots […]