News from Lanes School of Driving in Bromley, Kent

20Aug 2018

You have decided that it’s time to learn to drive and are now trying to figure out the best way of doing so. With so many driving schools and instructors out there it can be a little overwhelming to know what is best to do. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or a little […]

25Jul 2018

With a smartphone app for practically everything these days, this month we have rounded up some of those that could prove useful for new and learner drivers to make things that little bit easier for you as you start out on your driving journey.

25Jun 2018

Following the big overhaul of car tax that took place last year, this year sees in some new and additional changes. Effective from April 1, 2018 they will have an effect on a large proportion of drivers, not least diesel vehicle owners. The rationale behind many of these changes is to encourage drivers to opt […]

29May 2018

One of the key things that drivers learn early on is about stopping and parking. It is all too easy to get confused by the rules that apply, particularly when you are just starting out – after all, there is so much to remember! Add to that the various restrictions that individual councils may introduce […]

23Apr 2018

It is a question that comes up often during driving lessons and not just from new drivers but also from those who ask for a reminder of some of the rules. We thought we would run a quick refresher this month, covering two important elements of driving that are particularly applicable in urban areas: box […]

26Mar 2018

The recent cold spell has given way to slowly rising temperatures and before we know it, it will officially be springtime and with that comes the rain. The Highway Code sets out a few basics for wet weather driving, but we are going a step further this month by letting you know what you need […]