News from Lanes School of Driving in Bromley, Kent

11Dec 2014

If you failed your driving test, do not despair. Most candidates who fail do so due to a lack of planning and judgement. Even if you are able to drive to a high standard, this alone will not guarantee you a test pass. Here is a list of some of the common areas where pupils […]

29Oct 2014

Whilst you are learning to drive, you are not permitted by law to drive on a motorway, even if you have a fully qualified instructor with you. You can only use motorways after you have passed your driving test and are in possession of a full driving licence. Now once you have qualified, you will […]

03Sep 2014

Driving gives you the freedom to travel anywhere on your own. You may be considering learning to drive, so there is an important change to the Driving Theory test that you will need to be aware of. First of all, let’s understand what the driving test entails. It is made up of 2 parts:   […]

27Aug 2014

HOW TO BECOME A GOOD DRIVER When you take driving lessons you’ll be learning how to operate a car and get from one place to another, and how to manoeuvre and park safely when you get there. The real learning comes once you’ve passed your driving test and you’re let loose on your own! None […]