It’s essential to remain focused at all times whilst driving. With so many possible distractions, ranging from mobile phones to loud music, your attention could be momentarily diverted from the road, and this is all it takes to cause a collision. As soon as you are behind the wheel, you should make sure any potential distractions have been minimised so that you can keep your concentration and reach your destination safely. Find out more about driving distractions and how to avoid them.

What causes distractions while driving?

Various different distractions both inside and outside your car can put you and your passengers in danger. These include:

Electronic devices

Devices such as mobile phones and sat navs can divert your eyes away from the road. Not only is using these devices whilst driving dangerous, but you can also get up to 6 penalty points on your licence. Your car radio can also cause a distraction if you are adjusting the volume or changing the station while driving.


Driving with passengers in the car can help the journey become more enjoyable and pass the time quickly, but you shouldn’t allow your passengers to sway your attention from the road. Whilst you will be able to engage in conversation whilst driving, you shouldn’t allow occupants of the vehicle to take your eyes away from the road, and any loud conversations could prevent you from hearing oncoming traffic.


If you are on a long journey, it can be easier for your mind to wander and take your focus off the road. You may be thinking about other things or find your eyes drawn to something you are driving past, which could put you at risk of not anticipating any potential hazards.

Why is driving distracted dangerous?

Driving whilst distracted not only puts the lives of you and your passengers in danger, but other road users too. Whilst you may think that a quick glance at your phone or adjusting the radio isn’t particularly risky, a split-second distraction could be all it takes to cause a collision, particularly when travelling at speed.

How can you stay focused while driving?

Taking these precautions will help you stay focused on the road:

Put electronic devices out of reach

It can be tempting to check your phone or adjust your sat nav whilst driving, but putting them out of reach will eliminate this temptation, and allow you to keep your eyes focused on the road at all times.

Adjust radio before driving

Make sure your radio is set to the correct station and volume before you set off. This will avoid you having to lose your focus by adjusting it whilst driving. This also applies to your sat nav, as you will not want to have to change destination during your journey.

Take breaks

On a long drive, as soon as you find yourself losing concentration and struggling to keep your eyes on the road, you should take a break. As a general rule, try to take a break every two hours to give your eyes a rest and stretch your legs.

Taking these steps will help you remain focused while driving and they are important to remember, particularly if you are a new driver. If you want to learn to drive safely and feel confident behind the wheel, speak to us at Lanes School of Driving. You can book single or block lessons with our experienced instructors. Give us a call on 020 8166 5678 or email us at  to get booked in.