We all know that learning to drive can be a lengthy process. Theory test? Completed it. Gone through the stressful journey of learning to parallel park? Done and dusted. Now it’s time to smash your driving test. Your driving lessons are sure to have been enough for you to pass your test, so let’s set you loose on the roads!

Have you ever wondered what life will be like after your lessons? We’re here to tell you the little details that you may not have thought of after you’ve passed your test!

Get your certificate

When you’ve passed your driving test, you’ll be awarded with a certificate to mark the occasion. Before you frame this and put it pride and place where the family can see it, keep it on you. Until your driving licence is updated, your certificate will be proof that you’re legal to drive. If anyone stops you, you’ll need this! It can take up to three weeks for your full driving licence to be finalised.

No immediate driving!

After you’ve passed your test all you’ll want to do is drive in rings around the block and take your friends on a road trip. However, you can’t drive immediately. Your instructor will take you home, and you won’t be able to drive until you’ve updated your insurance from provisional to full. This will be an exercise in patience, but once the insurance is in place you can go anywhere. Freedom!

Insurance and tax

Similar to the last point, before you’re able to drive you must ensure that your car insurance and your tax is updated. Whether this is a car that you own or that your family owns, your insurance must apply to your full driving licence that you just gained (congrats) and the tax needs to be up to date. To buy your tax either apply by post or at the post office. Paperwork is boring, but necessary!

‘Passed’ accessories

Although P plates aren’t compulsory, it’s a good idea to place them on the front and back of your car. This will communicate to fellow drivers that you’re fresh on the road, and if you do have a minor driving blunder (unlikely, we have faith in you), they’ll be more a little more lenient. There are no guidelines on how long to keep these on for – just take them off when you feel confident!

Allow time for practice

Although you’re now a legal driver, you are still a beginner. It may be an idea to set aside time for some additional practice… You could use this time to go over any minors you got in your driving test (if any). It’s also an opportunity to get used to driving alone, on motorways and in the dark. These things may scare you, so it’s good to make sure you feel confident when those situations arise.

Begin the hunt for a car!

Now that you can officially drive, now may be the time to begin your hunt for a car of your own. When you’re looking for your first car, it may be likely that your budget is a little tighter. If you go for something with a low engine capacity, your vehicle will be cheaper to insure. You heard it here first! It’s a good idea to look for a car with low mileage, to make sure you’ll get the most out of it possible.

Just passed your test? These tips will mean that you don’t get a shock when something like this comes up! If you passed your test a while ago and you would benefit from a refresher training course, one of our approved driving instructors at Lanes School of Driving would be happy to help you. Call us on 020 8166 5678 or email and we’ll make sure that driving is second nature.