London offers you a blend of vibrant natural beauty and busy streets. Embarking on a scenic driving journey around London and its surrounding areas unveils a tapestry of natural beauty, quaint villages and historic landmarks.

Here are the top 10 scenic driving routes:

1. Richmond Park Loop

Richmond Park, spanning over 2500 acres, stands as a testament to London’s commitment to preserving forests and green spaces. You may witness free-roaming deer in the backdrop of ancient woodland and meadows.

This view looks like straight out of a novel. Drivers are treated to sweeping vistas of lush grasslands and ponds. Along the way, visitors can stop at iconic landmarks such as Pembroke Lodge and King Henry’s Mound, which offers excellent city skyline views.

2. Chiltern Hill Circuit

In the northwest of London lies the Chiltern Hills. This area has outstanding natural beauty and is known for its rolling countryside and charming villages. This driving route treats drivers with a new landscape at each corner.

Drives can stop at vantage points such as Ivinghoe Beacon to admire panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, along with lush valleys and patchwork fields. Visit this place to lose yourself in the timeless beauty of the English countryside.

3. Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills is in the south of London, blending natural beauty and cultural heritage. The scenic drive through this designated area of outstanding natural beauty offers a journey through the verdant countryside.

Drivers can explore winding country roads flanked by hedgerows and fields of wildflowers with the view of rolling hills stretching to the horizon. Highlights of this route include iconic landmarks such as Box Hill and Leith Hill Tower, offering a panoramic view from its summit.

4. Epping Forest

Epping Forest, an ancient woodland in the northeast of London, offers a tranquil retreat for nature lovers. The explorer’s drive through expansive forests allows them to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Ancient oak and beech trees provide a canopy overhead while sunlight hits the forest floor through foliage. Points of interest on this route include Connaught Water Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge.

5. Thames Valley Trail

This scenic driving route along the riverbanks offers drivers glimpses of historic landmarks, charming villages and tranquil waterscapes. Whether exploring historic sites or simply enjoying the picturesque view.

Drivers can explore iconic landmarks such as Windsor Castle, a historic royal residence overlooking the river and Hampton Coury Palace, with its magnificent Tudor architecture and expansive garden. You can also enjoy boating, fishing and riverside picnic.

6. Cotswolds Circuit

The Cotswold circuit takes drivers to golden fields, ancient churches and cottages built from honey-coloured stones. It also has market towns such as Bribury and Bourton, where visitors can have a cup of tea with friends and family, and tourists can also shop in traditional shops.

This circuit has viewpoints like Broadway Tower and hidden gems like the Cotswold lavender farm. While driving across the Cotswolds circuit, you will enjoy new scenery of rural beauty and nature at every turn.

7. Kent Coastal Drive

If you like dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and historic towns, then the southeast of London has a place just for you: the Kent coastline. Drivers can explore hidden coves, natural reserves and coastal trails. You may admire the rugged beauty of the coastline and delve into its rich history.

Iconic landmarks are the White Cliff of Dover and Dover Castle. Charming seaside towns such as Deal and Broadstairs beckons with their historic charm and maritime heritage. This is an unforgettable scene along one of England’s most iconic coastlines.

8. Hampstead Heath Route

The Hampstead Heath route takes drovers through ancient woodlands, tranquil ponds and open meadows, offering a calm and peaceful atmosphere away from the busy city. This is close to London and has panoramic iconic views.

Scenic viewpoints such as Parliament Hill and Kenwood House provide sweeping vistas of the city skyline, giving a perfect picnic spot after a long drive. Hampstead Heath also boasts historic landmarks such as the 18th-century Kenwood house.

9. Box Hill Scenic route

The Box Hill scenic route takes drivers on a journey through wooded slopes, hidden valleys and panoramic viewpoints, providing a tranquil escape into nature. Box Hill route takes you to the summit of Box Hill, where you will be rewarded with countryside landscape vie and river Mole flowing.

Box Hill offers opportunities for wildlife watching, such as a chance to spot butterflies, birds, and ostriches in their natural habitat. Explore walking these natural trails that lead to ancient woodlands, discovering hidden glades and tranquil streams along the way.

10. Lee Valley Drive

Lee Valley Regional Park stretches from Graeter, London, into Hertfordshire and Essex. The Lee Valley drive is followed alongside river Lee, passing through nature reserves, wetlands and historic waterways.

Drivers can discover hidden gems such as Waltham Abbey Garden, which has medieval ruins and a tranquil riverside setting, or Lee Valley Park Farms, where families can enjoy hands-on experience with farm animals and outdoor activities.


These top 10 scenic drives are a refreshing escape from busy city life. Embarking on these routes will help you connect with yourself and nature. They are away from the urban hustle and visit these charming parks and woodlands.