As a learner driver, there are rules that you’ll want to live by. The rules of the road are incredibly important, as they can help you secure the safety of fellow road users. There are often rules that learners may not be aware of but would be handy to know. So, what are the rules? As well as your theory knowledge, these facts are the ones that can allow you to feel like you belong on the road.

Obtain a provisional licence and the right insurance

It’s imperative that you have a provisional licence before you start driving. This registers you for driving on the road. It’s a criminal offence to drive without a licence, and this goes for learners too! If you are going to practice in a car other than your driving instructor’s, you must be insured on this vehicle in a learning capacity – this is different to regular insurance.

You can never drive alone

Driving alone as a learner is a big no-no, you must always be supervised by someone. This someone should be over 21 years of age, and should have had a driving licence for more than 3 years already. This ensures they have enough relevant experience and knowledge to guide you and give advice so that you aren’t forming bad habits.

Motorway driving: Is it a possibility?

Prior to 2018, learners were not permitted to go on the motorway. That has changed now, though! Although it might be intimidating, driving on the motorway is great practice for when you’ve passed your test, as you won’t be left in the deep end when you take your first trip. If driving on the motorway, the rule is that you must be with an instructor in a dual controlled car, not with a parent or casual supervisor.

Know your theory

Although it isn’t an official rule, and you can start taking practical lessons even when you haven’t completed your theory test, it is so beneficial if you know the theory before driving on the roads. This will allow you to understand road signs, practice your hazard perception in a safer environment, and feel confident in your abilities.

Display your learner plates

If you are practicing your driving skills in a car that isn’t your instructor’s, such as your parents’ car or a friend’s, you should always display learner plates. This will communicate to others on the road that you may be slightly greener than them, which could offer you some leniency. The worst situation to be in is trying to drive calmly and having another driver add to your stress.

Don’t drive without your glasses

You may think that if you forget to wear your glasses just once, it will all be fine… However, you should never drive without wearing your glasses or contact lenses. The standard for eyesight when driving is being able to read a number plate at least 20m away. If you have an accident whilst you aren’t wearing your glasses, this will be a criminal offence, and you could pose as a danger to others.

If you’re a new learner looking to solidify the rules in your mind, the help of an experienced instructor can help you out. At Lanes School of Driving, we offer single and block lessons, as well as the option to learn in an automatic car. We can help you feel confident enough to pass your test with flying colours. Get in touch with us on 020 8166 5678 or email us at . We’ll be happy to speak with you and organise your lessons.