News from Lanes School of Driving in Bromley, Kent

22Feb 2017

As a business, we take the protection of our pupils’ information incredibly seriously, but we also understand that there is plenty of confusing information out there in relation to data protection, and how it applies to businesses such as ours. Because of this, we thought that we’d share with fellow driving schools the long, short […]

16Dec 2016

Now that winter is truly upon us, drivers need to make sure that their vehicle will be able to operate effectively regardless of what the weather is like. Coping with winter mornings and travelling long distances in poor and dark driving conditions is bad enough. But if you have not made adequate preparations then there […]

16Nov 2016

We all know that making a telephone call or sending a text when holding a mobile phone can be distracting and dangerous, but what about listening to music? Could it be that listening to music might be distracting too? So, the short answer to that question is “It depends”. That is because, drivers can experience […]

17Oct 2016
Lanes School of Driving, Bromley

There are many reasons why learner drivers fail their driving test in this country. Often the reason for failing is simply down to the nervousness of the learner. After all, a driving examination can be fairly stressful. Government records show that many people fail due to the same handful of avoidable mistakes and we outline […]